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For drinking, cooking and maintaining a healthy body, you can’t settle for anything less than high quality Puronics water.

Eliminate the need for bottled water. Enjoy better-tasting beverages and food. Reduce soap and detergent usage. Save time on housework. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with your own filtered water system from Puronics.

Welcome to Puronics of Livermore, an Authorized Dealer of Puronics Water Solutions. If you're looking to improve the quality of your water, look no further! Beginning as Ionics in 1947, Puronics is recognized as a world leader within the water treatment industry. Our Hygene Bacteriostatic Filter Media - PureSilver™ Technology was derived from technology developed by NASA for the Space Shuttle Orbitors. Puronics systems are also used by PF Chang Restaurants, Pebble Beach Resort, Hilton, Marriot, and Fairmont Hotels, Gordon Biersch Brewery, Coca-Cola, and Intel; just to name a few! Don't tolerate your water problems...solve them! Take advantage of our free water test, (including an estimate), to get you on the way to a healthier lifestyle, and considerable savings! Don't be con-vinced by the "others". Check out the BEST and PAY LESS! PUR WATER...PURONICS!

“Think Twice before you buy anything!!! It’s your money and second opinions are FREE!”


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